Editor's note: This is part of a series named TRIVIALITIES by Andrés Calviño, Head of Organizational Capabilities at Techie Talent.

Some recurrent statements I frequently see myself forced to use when discussing with Scrum Masters:

1 * SCRUM is about building high-quality software, not about executing projects

2 * SCRUM is about how to deliver business value fast and frequently, not about how to meet scope, schedule, and budget.

3 * SCRUM is about having high-performance teams, not about having cost-effective teams.

4 * SCRUM is about maximizing the business value delivered, not about maximizing the amount of work completed.

5 * SCRUM is about the team's discipline to apply engineering practices, not about applying management practices to discipline engineers.

I would suggest thinking twice about having a Project Manager playing the role of Scrum Master.

Get back to the roots!