The demand for talented and cost-effective software developers has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic propelled the remote development sector. Companies across multiple niches are in a relentless quest to harness the potential of these skilled professionals to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. In this context, Chile has emerged as one of the top LATAM tech hubs for IT talent, offering a pool of highly skilled English-proficient software developers. Outsourcing software development can be a challenge for first-timers, so it's best to be fully informed about both the target country and the logistics of nearshore development. This article is the ultimate guide for organizations looking to tap into this growing tech ecosystem and hire developers in Chile. Keep reading to learn how to access nearshore technology solutions and save money on development costs!

Chile’s Software Development Industry

Chile has a strong—and still developing—software industry characterized by a growing talent pool and a government supporting tech innovation. The country boasts a literacy rate of over 96%, with a significant portion of this educated group fluent in English, making it an attractive destination for nearshore software development for North American markets. 

In recent years, the Chilean government has launched numerous initiatives to improve the tech sector, including Start-Up Chile, one of the most prominent incubator programs globally, launched in 2010. The program offers equity-free financing and a supportive ecosystem for startups, contributing to Chile's reputation as one of the Silicon Valleys of Latin America. This initiative alone has helped the growth of over 1,600 startups since its creation in 2010. There are also various tax incentives for tech companies that foster a productive environment for national tech innovation and career growth for local IT professionals.

Chile is becoming a testing ground for emerging technologies, including renewable energy, FinTech, and e-commerce solutions. The country's robust telecommunications infrastructure, high internet penetration rate, and openness to innovation make it an attractive destination for companies looking to develop and implement new technologies. There's a growing interest from venture capital firms and investors in Chile's tech startups, driven by the country's stable economy, political stability, and a track record of successful ventures. Because of this, the Chilean tech industry is becoming more and more defined by a high degree of international collaboration, with numerous partnerships between Chilean and foreign companies, universities, and research institutions. This global outlook enhances the exchange of knowledge and technology and expands the market reach for Chilean tech products and services. 

Moreover, collaboration between the private sector and academic institutions in Chile has led to a great synergy that feeds the industry with fresh talent and innovative ideas. Universities such as Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile are recognized for their outstanding engineering and computer science programs, contributing significantly to the talent pool.

The solid skills of Chilean software developers are mainly due to the country’s robust education system. With a strong emphasis on STEM education from an early age, Chile produces large numbers of highly skilled professionals proficient in the latest programming languages and technologies. Various coding boot camps, tech meetups, and professional courses are available to aspiring professionals. With a population of over 61,000 software developers, this country is undoubtedly a fantastic option to start nearshoring.

Understanding the software development industry in Chile means recognizing its unique position as a bridge between Latin American talent and North American technological demands. With its skilled workforce, government support, international relationships, and a strong emphasis on education and professional development, the industry stands out when considering future nearshore projects. Whether you're looking to outsource your next big project or seeking a nearshore development partner, Chile's software development landscape has more than enough opportunities for North American companies.

How The Demand For Chilean Developers Has Increased

In recent years, the demand for Chilean developers has increased considerably, a trend largely caused by the country's growing reputation as a tech hub in Latin America. Chilean developers are now sought after for their technical proficiency, innovative thinking, and adaptability to global work cultures.

Statistics from Chile's National Institute of Statistics indicate a steady growth in the IT sector, with the software development industry experiencing an annual growth rate of over 7% in the past five years. This surge reflects a broader global recognition of Chilean talent, especially in fields like software engineering, web development, and data science related to the growing local IT industry. 

One of the most significant reasons behind Chile’s popularity in nearshore development projects is the considerable cost savings North American businesses can unlock when hiring LATAM developers. When you hire developers in Chile, saving up to 40% in total costs is possible thanks to the lower average salaries and living costs. The same benefits apply to other nearshore solutions, such as tech consulting. Moreover, Chile's strategic timezone, aligning closely with the U.S. East Coast, facilitates easier collaboration with North American companies. This has made Chile an attractive destination for nearshoring, where businesses benefit from geographical proximity, cultural affinity, and shared business hours.

The result is a booming demand for Chilean developers from startups and established companies looking to leverage this talent pool for their software development needs. With their ability to blend technical skills with a global outlook, Chilean developers are increasingly seen as integral to the success of international tech projects.

Why Your Company Should Hire Software Developers in Chile

Working with software developers in Chile offers your company a strategic advantage in the global market. This choice brings incredible cost-efficiency and allows your company to tap into a pool of talent renowned for its innovation, technical skills, and alignment with international business practices.

Highly-Educated Professionals:

Chilean universities' high-quality STEM education has been key in producing highly skilled software developers. As mentioned, the country's universities are consistently ranked among the top in Latin America for their engineering and computer science programs. This educational excellence translates into a workforce adept in the latest technologies and programming languages, ready to tackle complex software development projects.

A Supportive Local Infrastructure:

The Chilean government's commitment to fostering a tech-savvy workforce and a thriving digital economy is evident through initiatives like Start-Up Chile. This program has encouraged innovation within the country and attracted global tech talent to its shores, creating a vibrant and diverse tech ecosystem. These government-backed initiatives enhance the quality and competitiveness of Chilean software developers on the world stage.

Shared Business Hours:

A significant advantage of partnering with Chilean developers is the convenience of time zone alignment with North American businesses, particularly with Eastern Standard Time (EST). This geographical proximity allows for real-time collaboration, making managing projects and meeting deadlines easier. The shared working hours facilitate agile development practices and ensure seamless communication, which is crucial for the success of software development projects and for building long-term partnerships.

Cost-efficient Development Costs:

Chile's cost-to-quality ratio is highly competitive, offering access to top-tier development services at a fraction of the cost compared to other markets. This economic efficiency does not compromise quality, as Chilean developers are known for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions.

High English Proficiency:

English Proficiency in Chile

According to the EF EPI Index, Chile has one of the highest English proficiency levels in Latin America. The country scored #52 out of 113 countries with 518 ints, landing a moderate English proficiency. This shows that local developers are qualified to work with North American companies and can handle international development projects.

How to Hire Software Developers in Chile

Given the country's rich pool of tech talent, hiring software developers in Chile can significantly boost your project's success. Understanding the local market and leveraging the proper channels is crucial to navigate this process effectively. Here are some ways you can start working with software developers in Chile!

Leverage Local Job Boards:

Start by exploring local job portals such as Laborum and, popular among Chilean professionals. These platforms offer access to various candidates, from fresh graduates to experienced developers. Additionally, leveraging LinkedIn can provide insights into the professional background of potential hires and help you reach out directly to candidates.

Network At Events & industry Webinars:

Networking plays a vital role in the Chilean job market. Participating in tech meetups, conferences, and seminars provides direct access to software developers and allows you to gauge the vibrancy of the tech community. Events like TechDay Chile and Start-Up Chile meetups are excellent venues to connect with top talent and industry peers.

Partner With Nearshore Development Companies:

Consider partnering with LATAM IT agencies specializing in nearshore technology solutions, like Techie Talent and us. These agencies understand the nuances of the Chilean tech market and can streamline the process by partnering you with developers matching your specific requirements to start working immediately.

Collaborate With Local Institutions:

Another effective strategy is to partner with Chilean universities and coding boot camps. Institutions like Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile have vital STEM programs and often facilitate internships and job placements for their students. Coding boot camps are hotspots for finding developers with the latest programming skills and a hands-on approach to software development.

When reaching out to potential candidates, it's essential to communicate clearly about your project's vision, the technologies involved, and the impact their work will have. Chilean developers value projects that offer growth opportunities and the chance to work on innovative solutions!

Seeking Nearshore Development Expertise?

At Techie Talent, we provide end-to-end nearshore technology solutions for businesses looking to innovate without breaking the bank. Our team excels in delivering comprehensive answers to IT challenges. We aim to connect Latin America's extensive tech proficiency with the worldwide need for technology services, enabling you to tap into premier development skills at a lower rate. If you’re looking for a reliable nearshore technology partner, consider setting up a free strategy session with us to discover more about our offerings!