Hiring software developers in Mexico can be a game-changer for your organization, as it’s a great way to access nearshore technology solutions. With Mexico having over 700,000 software developers and being one of the top countries for tech talent in Latin America, according to a report by Stack Overflow, this country continues to position itself as a fantastic nearshore software development location. The local tech industry has thrived for years, with a highly skilled and cost-effective talent pool you’ll probably want to leverage if you’re looking for alternative technology solutions. This article will explore the Mexican tech scene and share our favorite tips for accessing nearshore development services from this LATAM country. Whether you want to expand your IT team or find a trusted, genuine development partnership, this guide will provide the insight you need to hire software developers in Mexico. Keep reading to learn more!

A Quick Overview of Mexico's Software Development Industry

Mexico is Latam's Top High Tech Export Country

Mexico's tech industry continues to expand and is becoming a significant player on a global scale. This is evidenced by how companies are starting to outsource their operations to this country, as well as recent statistics - which all show the steady growth curve this tech hub has successfully maintained. With a recent World Bank report stating that Mexico is one of the world's top technology exporters, boasting $74.93 billion in exports in this industry alone, it’s safe to say the local industry is undergoing an extremely fruitful period. Let’s analyze a few deciding factors that have contributed to the success of Mexico’s software development industry! 

While this might seem a random detail, it’s relevant to mention the country's infrastructure heavily supports its growing tech ecosystem. According to the International Telecommunication Union, Mexico has some pretty advanced internet connectivity, with an internet penetration rate of 71%. This reliable connectivity is crucial for real-time collaboration with your nearshore development team, especially regarding live meetings. The government-led efforts to ensure high levels of connectivity and cybersecurity across the nation have made Mexico a safe space for digital nomads and remote-working expats, contributing to establishing the local tech hubs. 

Mexico now has tech parks and innovation centers that have been slowly built over a few decades. These IT hubs, such as the Guadalajara Innovation Campus and the Monterrey Technology Park, provide modern facilities to local developers and foster a collaborative, innovative environment. They attract both local startups and multinational companies, creating a vibrant tech community within the cities they’re located in. However, the country’s tech hubs aren’t restricted to IT parks. Entire towns have become dynamic centers for locals, nomads, and expats to populate through their digital activities, boasting a higher concentration of IT professionals and tech startups. 

The local talent pool is large and favorably diverse, thanks to the presence of global tech giants in Mexico, which further underscores its importance in the tech industry. Companies like IBM, Intel, and Oracle have significant operations in the country. Their presence creates job opportunities and helps transfer knowledge and best practices to the local workforce. As a result, Mexican developers specialize in numerous programming languages and tech stacks, including Java, Python, JavaScript, and C++. Over 38% of local developers are proficient in more than one programming language, according to the Mexican Association of Information Technology Industry (AMITI). This versatility makes finding the proper skill set for your project much more accessible.

Mexico's software development landscape is characterized by a skilled and diverse talent pool, reliable tech infrastructure, industry-academia solid collaboration, and a focus on IT services exports. These elements make it a compelling destination for businesses looking to leverage to-notch software development services at an affordable price to develop efficient nearshore technology solutions.

The Rising Demand for Mexican Developers

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a noticeable increase in the demand for Latin American developers in the COVID-19 market, with Mexico emerging as a key player for those seeking nearshore technology solutions. Data from various reports and studies highlight this “LATAM boom” and its significant impact on Mexico. A report by the country's Ministry of Economy recently revealed a 22% yearly growth in tech sector revenues, with Mexico now the second-largest exporter of IT service in Latin America. 

The rise in demand for Mexican developers can be attributed to the market-wide nearshore popularity and the country’s proximity and long-standing business history with the US and North America. As the need for cost-effective IT solutions increases, global companies constantly search for top-tier talent to help scale their digital presence and remain relevant against their competition. Mexican developers are a perfect fit, thanks to their quality technical education, high English proficiency, and proximity to North American markets. This unique combination makes Mexico an increasingly attractive option for organizations of all sizes and backgrounds.

Why Your Organization Should Hire Software Developers in Mexico

English-Speaking Talent

Most Mexican developers exporting services to North America are proficient in English, with those located in tech hubs like Guadalajara and Mexico City having the most robust command of the language. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Mexico ranks 88th out of 113 countries, which is quite a low score, indicating varying levels of English proficiency across the country. Ensuring that your developers can communicate effectively in English is crucial if you’re striving for long-term collaboration, so it’s best to conduct a language assessment before you go ahead with the technical portion of the interview process. 

Cost Efficiency:

Mexico is a preferred nearshore development hub for North American organizations due to its cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. According to the 2021 Tholons Services Globalization Index, Mexico offers high-quality software development services at significantly lower costs than the US or Europe. This favorable cost-quality ratio is a significant advantage for international businesses aiming to optimize their IT budgets while maintaining high standards for their development projects. 

A Versatile Talent Pool:

Mexico's local tech industry is filled with talented developers proficient in various technologies, from classic Java and Python to the latest cutting-edge tech stacks; you should have no issues hiring IT professionals who fit your needs. Conducting preliminary research to recognize the diversity and depth of this talent pool is a crucial step in the hiring process—whether you’re looking to hire Mexican developers or enter an agency partnership—to better understand what your organization needs and can find in Mexico. This versatility ensures that you can find the right fit for your project, no matter how unique or complex it may be. 

High Cultural Compatibility:

Another excellent advantage of nearshoring to Mexico is the cultural compatibility of these IT professionals with North American business practices. Because of the long-standing relationship between this country and the US, many business practices have blended into one another, minimizing work culture differences and allowing for a shorter adaptation process. Mexican developers' high-powered adaptability, strong work ethic, and collaborative nature make them an excellent fit for international teams, facilitating smoother company-wide integration. 

Similar Time Zones

Not only is Mexico the Latin American country closest to North America, but this nearshore location also has similar time zones, allowing for many more real-time collaboration opportunities. For example, Eastern Time is only 2 hours ahead of Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico. The matching time zones facilitate more shared working hours, leading to faster project turnaround times and smoother communication. 

How to Hire Software Developers in Mexico

1. Partner with Mexican Tech Communities & Local Universities

Partnering with Mexican tech communities and participating in industry events can significantly boost your hiring efforts and strengthen your connections within the local industry. Engaging with these communities will also facilitate access to your network of developers and tech agencies in Mexico, fostering relationships that can lead to successful long-term collaborations. IT organizations and educational institutions offer numerous opportunities for networking and talent acquisition. Groups like Hackers and Founders Mexico, Dev.F, and Women Who Code Mexico organize regular meetups, hackathons, and workshops. These events attract some of the best Mexican development talent and provide a platform for you to connect with potential hires in an informal setting. 

2. Keep Legal and Regulatory Considerations In Mind

While it’s easy to get excited about all the Mexican tech industry offers and dive right into the hiring process, it’s still important to understand all the legal implications of working with nearshore technology solutions in Mexico. You should conduct thorough research to determine which engagement model works best for your organization, whether nearshore tech consulting, IT staff augmentation, contracting, or BOT, while keeping local regulations in mind at all times. 

3. Consider Nearshore Technology Partners

If you’re looking to take the bulk of the development work off your plate, trying to hire developers in Mexico entirely alone might not be your company's best bet. Many options allow you to access cost-effective nearshore development solutions while minimizing the number of tasks on your end. IT staffing companies can hire developers to join your team. At the same time, nearshore tech agencies offer managed teams and custom development services that handle every last detail of the project for you. As a nearshore technology partner at Techie Talent, we provide various alternatives to make your life easier when nearshoring to Mexico. 

4. Prioritize Technical Vetting

When hiring Mexican developers or working with a custom development company, assessing their technical skills and expertise is essential to ensure they meet your project's needs. A structured evaluation process can help you identify top talent and avoid costly mistakes. You should always start by thoroughly reviewing their resumes and portfolios, looking for relevant experience, such as specific programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Then, you can move on to technical interviews of the shortlisted candidates/agencies, evaluating their problem-solving abilities, past experiences, and overall coding proficiency. Consider pitching real-life scenarios unique to your organization to assess whether or not they’re a strong fit for your projects. 

Is Your Organization in Need of Nearshore Technology Solutions?

At Techie Talent, we offer a variety of engagement models and nearshore development services to ensure your organization can access nearshore technology solutions as quickly as possible. With a straightforward approach and a talented team of IT professionals, we can help you solve any technical challenges you might be facing, make progress toward your digital goals, and develop exciting new projects. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about what we can do for you!