By Juan Goñi, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer at Techie Talent

Before founding Techie Talent, I gathered a wealth of experience working in Port Logistics and the corporate world at IBM and Overactive (acquired by Perficient). My Engineering degree and an Executive MBA added to the blend. This mix of experiences laid a solid foundation for my entrepreneurial journey. Let me share with you the lessons I learned along the way.

1. Timing is Everything

I realized there's a 'right' time for everything, especially for starting a new venture. It's not just about the market conditions but also about personal readiness. Waiting for the moment when my maturity and experience aligned was crucial for my success. It's about understanding the market and where you are in your personal and professional journey.

2. Risk Identification as Second Nature

With time, I learned the importance of preemptively identifying risks. This skill, which I honed through years of experience, has been indispensable. It's like developing a sixth sense of business – you start to anticipate challenges and navigate around them more effectively.

3. Valuing Efficiency Over Raw Effort`

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that efficiency trumps sheer effort. It's about strategizing and putting energy into actions that yield the most significant results. This approach involves prioritizing tasks, delegating effectively, and always keeping an eye on the end goal. Work smart, not just hard.

4. Complementary Partnerships

Choosing the right business partner is more about complementing than mirroring each other's skills. I learned that diverse viewpoints and skill sets create a robust foundation for a business. It's about finding harmony in differences and building a team that covers all bases.

5. Team Dynamics and Balance

Creating a balanced team and nurturing positive relationships have been vital. It’s not just about skills but also about personalities and how they mesh. A well-rounded team where everyone plays to their strengths can overcome any challenge. Allowing all voices on deck to be heard and value their input is enriching.

6. Crisis Management and Priority Setting

Navigating through crises taught me the art of priority setting. It's about balancing immediate needs with long-term goals, ensuring the team's morale stays high, and making tough decisions for the company's greater good.

7. The Power of Personal and Company Branding

I learned early on that the company you work at is not you. Clients will sometimes take your call just because of the brand on the personal card. It’s a delicate balance of building your own brand alongside the company’s. If you do this right, in the early stages, your personal reputation can open doors for your business. Over time, as the company grows, its brand takes on a life of its own.

8. Staying Grounded and Adaptable

Adapting to the ever-changing business landscape is vital. It's about staying grounded in reality while being flexible enough to pivot when necessary. This adaptability has been crucial in navigating the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship.

9. Selling a Vision, Not Just a Product

I’ve found that selling a vision is as important as selling a product. It’s about inspiring your team and customers with what could be, not just what is. This forward-thinking approach has been a cornerstone of my strategy in both leadership and sales.

10. Embracing Discomfort

Finally, stepping out of my comfort zone has been a transformative experience. Embracing the unfamiliar and challenging myself has led to growth and innovation. It's about being comfortable with being uncomfortable, as that's where true growth happens.