It's been a while since SCRUM is no longer what it was born to be. It is provocative and even disconcerting to compare the founding document of SCRUM (the original paper presented by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber at OOPSLA '95) or the bedside books that the "founding fathers of Agile" wrote in 2001/2002 with the more recent Scrum Guide ( It is worth doing the comparison exercise to understand the transformation.

Without judging SCRUM or its reason for being, in practice, it became:

- *a need* for companies to feel Agile

- *a refuge* for Project Managers

- *a placebo* of consultants

- *a goal* to be achieved by engineers

For those who started this profession in the 90s and lived closely this "evolution," reality awakens nostalgia. Perhaps I'm sinning for being too romantic, but it is worth remembering the roots in the words of an authorized voice: