IT outsourcing is the hiring strategy increasingly embraced by businesses looking to enhance efficiency, access global talent, save money on development costs, and stay competitive. On average, employee spending on IT outsourcing accounted for $132.10 billion in 2023, and it's expected to reach a whopping $777.70 billion by 2028 - this shows just how convenient this strategy has become. Whether you’re looking to hire nearshore developers, access offshore teams, or outsource a few tasks to a dedicated tech solution provider like Techie Talent, it’s important to understand the different IT outsourcing strategies available to make an informed decision. In this article, we'll dive into the various types of IT outsourcing strategies, as each comes with its unique benefits and considerations. Keep reading to learn more!

The Basics of IT Outsourcing

At its core, IT outsourcing involves contracting out various IT functions to external providers. It ranges from software development and infrastructure solutions to tech support and maintenance. It's a practice that, according to Statista, saw a global market size of $92.5 billion in 2019, highlighting its vast influence in the business world.

The motivations behind IT outsourcing are diverse. While 70% of businesses mention cost reduction - according to Deloitte's Global Outsourcing Survey - as a primary motivation for outsourcing, there's more to the story. Naturally, cost reduction is often at the forefront, with businesses looking to save on operational expenses. However, it's not all about saving money on development costs. Access to specialized skills, enhanced focus on core business activities, and scaling up fast are equally compelling reasons why organizations worldwide choose to hire an outsourced development team. Now, it’s about strategic partnerships. A study by IBM found that 37% of top-performing companies use outsourcing to gain a competitive advantage.

The Key Types of IT Outsourcing Services

Navigating the various IT outsourcing models is crucial to choosing the right strategy to support your business as it scales and saves money on software development costs. Each model offers unique advantages and suits different business needs. Understanding these can be a complete game-changer in your outsourcing strategy!

Onshore Outsourcing: Keeping it Local

Onshore outsourcing involves partnering with companies within your country. This model is favored for its minimal cultural and language barriers, facilitating smoother communication. A report by Clutch shows that 52% of small businesses in the US prefer onshore outsourcing for these very reasons. The convenience of shared time zones and easier collaboration make it a go-to choice for many.

Onshore Outsourcing Key Takeways:

  • Higher costs 
  • No time zone differences
  • Developers are native English speakers 
  • Easier to navigate legal aspects
  • Smaller talent pool

Nearshore Outsourcing: Proximity and Efficiency

Nearshore outsourcing means partnering with companies in neighboring or nearby countries. For example, Latin America would be the area to recruit from for a US-based company hiring nearshore developers. This model has gained traction for its balance of cost-effectiveness and cultural alignment, and it can reduce overall operational costs by up to 50% while offering similar time zones and more accessible travel arrangements, making it a sweet spot for many businesses.

Nearshore Outsourcing Key Takeways:

  • Major cost savings
  • Limited time zone differences 
  • LATAM has a solid English proficiency level
  • Large and diverse talent pool
  • Physical proximity to North America

Offshore Outsourcing: Global Talent, Competitive Pricing

Offshore outsourcing takes you across oceans to countries with a significant time difference. Think India, the Philippines, or Eastern Europe. The primary draw is cost savings and access to a vast talent pool. According to Deloitte's Global Outsourcing Survey, 65% of companies that choose offshore outsourcing do so for the cost benefits, alongside the opportunity to tap into a global market.

Offshore Outsourcing Key Takeways:

  • Highest cost savings
  • Big time zone differences
  • Large and affordable talent pool
  • English proficiency can be hit or miss

Each IT outsourcing model offers distinct benefits, from cost savings and access to global talent in offshore outsourcing to the ease of communication in onshore and nearshore models, to the flexibility and cost-savings of offshore solutions. Choosing the right model depends on your business needs, goals, and the strategic direction you wish to take. Here are some key takeaways for your organization to consider!

Key Considerations for Each Model

  • Cost: Offshore outsourcing generally offers the highest cost savings, followed by nearshore, with onshore being the most expensive.

  • Communication: Onshore and nearshore outsourcing offers better communication due to fewer language barriers and closer cultural ties.

  • Time Zone Management: Nearshore and onshore outsourcing provide more alignment in time zones, facilitating real-time collaboration, whereas offshore might pose challenges in synchronous communication.

  • Talent Pool and Expertise: Offshore outsourcing opens doors to a global talent pool, which is especially beneficial for specialized IT skills.

How To Choose the Right IT Outsourcing Strategy:

Assess Your Needs and Goals

First, pinpoint what you hope to achieve. Are you prioritizing cost savings, access to specialized talent, or the chance to scale your operations? This clarity guides your decision-making process. For example, about 40% of businesses outsource to gain access to the expertise they need in-house and need help to recruit directly. This might be the case for you, but you might also look to test-run a specific project or supercharge your software operations for a limited period. These reasons are equally valid, but deciding why your organization wants to outsource is vital.

Quality vs. Cost

While cost savings are enticing, quality should always be prioritized. A common mistake in many IT outsourcing projects is putting cost over quality, which can lead to mediocre and disappointing results - costing your organization more money on a do-over than what would’ve been spent in the first place. Remember, 70% of failed outsourcing deals are due to a singular focus on cost reduction.

Partnership Approach

View your outsourcing provider as a partner, not just a vendor. This mindset fosters collaboration and aligns goals, which is crucial as about 33% of companies seek innovation from outsourcing relationships.

Security and Compliance

With 30% of businesses expressing concerns about data security in outsourcing, ensure your partner adheres to stringent security standards and compliances. This safeguards your data and intellectual property.

Flexibility and Scalability

Your chosen strategy should offer the right amount of budget and staff flexibility. The ability to scale up or down is vital, as your business needs can change suddenly. When considering this, tech solution providers that offer agile methodologies can be a better option, as they can adapt to your evolving requirements.

Long-term Relationship Potential

Aim for a long-term relationship with your provider, as it will help you scale our business over time and access quality development solutions easily. Companies with long-term outsourcing relationships report higher satisfaction rates and better quality output - often thanks to the reliable partnerships built with developers and tech consultants.

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